WERTEX Heinz Werthmann GmbH
Commercial partner of textile industry
Services for all textile business since 1968


Fabric collections, accessories and bedding

B.C.H. textil-bch.com  
ESF European stretch fabrics groupepayen.com  
Gierlings Velpor-Veludo Portugues, S.A. gierlings1808.eu  
Mast S.R.L spaziojersey.it  
Schoeller schoeller-textiles.com  
seterie Argenti spa argenti.it  
Startex Maglieria S.R.L.  
Texta texta.it  
Trouillet CIE trouillet-cie.com  
Eurotextile Packaging eurotextile.com  
Loxy loxytapes.com  
Marzotto S.p.A. marzottogroup.it